A quiz for Mummies

Posted Thursday 19th April 2012   By Ericka Waller

The husband is off to a sports quiz tonight. Originally, I was annoyed when he told me, for two reasons.

1: How dare he have the energy for a social life?

2: I bet he wins and crows about it for ages, because he is a sports knowall.

I started feeling a bit sorry for myself, thinking the only quiz I would ever win would be one about being a mum... and then I thought HELLO! Why not make up a mum quiz? For us blogging, tweeters who have no social life or subject of expertise anymore?

So here it is. My mum quiz. Answers in the comments box. Feel free to add your own questions...Best of luck!

  1. Complete this sentence, often uttered by a four year old: I can do everything --- -- ------

  2. Which brand of baby wipes rip easily if pulled too fast from the packet?

  3. What dance do Mickey Mouse and his friends like to do when they get back to the clubhouse?

  4. No matter what toys you buy your kids, what is the one thing they ALWAYS want to play with instead?

  5. What does the mouse threaten to turn the Gruffalo into?

  6. What is the best cure for cradle cap?

  7. What are the two top signs of a teething baby?

  8. What food must a baby never have before a year old?

  9. What is Peppa Pig's french pen pal called?

  10. What are the three most common early pregnancy symptoms?

  11. What is the white coating covering a newborn baby called?

  12. What is the banana test?

  13. What time do children under five like to start the day?

  14. What is metanium used for?

  15. What is the most uncomfortable bath toy to sit on accidentally?

  16. What is Dora's cousin called, who also has his own show?

  17. What time do children's TV programmes start in the morning?

  18. What top three items are on a mum's shopping list each week?

  19. What hideously messy creative substance do mums most wish no one buys their kids?

  20. How long does weetabix take to turn into cement?

  21. What food is a mum's top bribing tool?

  22. What do kids take off as soon as they get in the car/house/buggy?

  23. What is the top excuse used by kids for getting back out of bed?

  24. How do you stop a child falling asleep in the car?

  25. How long are Chicken Pox contagious for?

  26. What is the most common sentence uttered in a sibling row?

  27. What is the softest part of a baby?

  28. What is the hardest hour of the day when you are at home with kids?

  29. What is the most popular, easy dinner that kids will always eat?

  30. What is the best distraction for bored/tired kids at home?