Oh to be a toddler

Posted Saturday 10th November 2012   By Ericka Waller

A poem about the joys of being a toddler

Oh to be a toddler
And find wonder in the plastic tie of a bread bag
Or your own foot
To be able to talk to yourself whilst dressed as a wizard
Without judgement

Oh to be a toddler
And strip off with gay abandon in a room full of people
For wellies to go with any outfit
And a party bag to hold more value than Prada

Oh to be a toddler
And think play-doh is haute cuisine
For raisins to be your raisin d’etre
And full fat cheese an essential part of your diet

Oh to be a toddler
Who’s on a swing, holding a balloon, in the rain
For time to be measured in “sleeps”
The hoover to be spaceship to ride upon
And rubber gloves a “chickens hat”

 Oh to be a toddler
And truly believe everything you say is fascinating
And worthy of repeating
For snow to be so exciting you wet yourself
And that’s ok

Oh to be a toddler
And refuse to believe the word no
Or that there are not really small people living in the TV
For poo-poo-head to ALWAYS be hilarious
And appropriate to use in any conversation

Oh to be my little toddler
Who just wants to grow up and be “big”
I just want you to stay small
And brighten my day with your nonsense

And repetitive noises
And constant requests for drinks and stories and cheese and raisins and….

Oh to be a toddler