How do you handle sleepless nights?

Posted Monday 3rd December 2012   By Ericka Waller

So more and more parents are shopping for baby products between midnight and 6am. How sensible of them. What a productive thing to do with the long sleepless hours. My husband and I tend to spend them arguing about who is more tired, why our children don’t sleep, why we even had children and then, (depending on how bad the night goes) why we even got married in the first place.

Obviously, all these arguments are forgotten once we’ve had some shut-eye, and we are both slightly sheepish in the morning. We suddenly remember the hissing contest we had on the landing at 2am, our dressing-gown-sleeves flapping madly as we furiously gesticulated and flipped one another the bird.

A recent article claims parents that argue can give their kids depression.  Luckily, ours can’t hear us bickering over their noisy demands for drinks (“No, not in that cup”, “No, not that juice”), pillow-plumping, Mr Tumble and lifts to the toilet.

The only internet shopping I’d be doing at 3am is putting them all on eBay – with a buy-it-now price and free husband included.

Plus, we’ve tried all that stuff. The night-lights, the reward charts, the lullaby music. The lavender mist, the rescue remedy gummy bears, the camomile tea.

In my experience, the only thing that really works at 2am when a child wakes screaming, is to dangle them out the patio door pretending you are going to make them spend the rest of the night in the garden if they don’t zip it.

Ok, that does not work, and is a sure-fire way to get your enraged spouse racing down the stairs, (dressing gown flapping, if on at all) screeching “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ARE YOU INSANE? SHE WILL FREEZE” “WHY DID I EVER MARRY YOU?”

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Don’t feel too sorry for my children. They come out triumphant. We feel so guilty for our ridiculous behaviour they end up getting warm drinks on plumped-up pillows with Mr Tumble DVDs and us smiling at them beatifically (while surreptitiously flipping one another the bird over their head).

How about you? What sleep techniques have you tried that do NOT work ?

*Here are 8 great ways to get your kids to sleep according to my friends and family.