How important is your baby's wardrobe?

Posted Wednesday 9th January 2013   By Ericka Waller

So Harper Beckham had a double-paged spread dedicated to her in the latest Grazia magazine, having “established herself as the arbiter of toddler taste”

She established herself did she? At 18-months. Walked into all those shops and tried on a load of designer clobber, which she paid for in what, rice-cakes? Like she even knows the difference between Prada and Primark.

What a load of rubbish. Why does an 18-month old need to be a trend-setter? Why can’t she just be a baby? Victoria already has old Golden Balls to look good on her arm. She does not have to drape a baby dripping in a Dolce and Gabbana over herself too. It’s just greedy.

Plus it’s ridiculous. The only thing a proper mum wears draped over her shoulder is a trail of snot. Everyone knows that.

And as for what the snotty baby is wearing? Who cares? It’s only going to get covered in more snot, and most likely some poo too.

I base my 15-month old daughter’s wardrobe on comfort, practicality and clashing colours so I don’t lose her amongst all the other babies at playgroup.

However, in the spirit of Christmas, I decided to let my baby “establish” her own toddler-taste. Here is what she picked.

FASHION ICON1 e1356357306165 224x300 How important is your baby’s wardrobe?I’m sure Grazia will be in touch any day now.

Merry Christmas

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