Why I want to be fat

Posted Tuesday 29th January 2013   By Ericka Waller

So now you can eat what you like then get it sucked out later. Ridiculous. Just eat less in the first place. Why is it, that if you are overweight and shift some pounds, everyone tells you how great you look and is really nice to you, but if you are too thin all you get is grief?

My husband just lost a fair amount of weight, and I’m happy for him and his health. Honest.

What I’m less happy about is when people see him and say “Wow, just WOW! You look like a new man. You’re amazing, an inspiration, truly. You should write a book about it.”

And then they look at me. And tilting their head to one side, and speaking in the voice one uses to talk to a simpleton they say “But you? You are too thin. Honestly? You look terrible. You look tired, and old. I know you think you look good, but as a friend, I’m telling you, you don’t. Eat something please, for the LOVE OF GOD EAT!!!”

It makes me feel like I should apologize.

People hate thin people. It’s not my fault I can’t put weight on.

And I never asked anyone to be honest anyway. I don’t go round telling all my fatter friends how chunky they are. I don’t pinch their love-handles and say “Honestly? You could do with losing these love” – but if they do shed a pound or two, I dutifully coo and applaud, saying how amazing they look and how proud I am of them.

No one ever says that to me.

This is the truth about being too thin. It sucks. I have the androgynous figure of a twelve-year-old, minus the extra flap of skin from when I was pregnant. I am riddled with stretch-marks. My face looks like Munch’s Scream painting. My breasts are so small my two-year-old laughs at me in the bath “Mummy, look at your teeny, tiny boobies.” My bum is bony. My blood pressure is low. No matter how much make-up I slap on I still look ropey.

The husband keeps buying me ‘build-up’ bars. My mother-in-law pretends to get the baby’s trousers mixed up with mine. For some reason I’m the laughing stock of the family. They would NEVER do this to a fat person. Everyone would be sensitive to their feelings.

Thin people are not allowed to get insulted by weight comments. We just have to take it. It was even worse when I was pregnant. Complete strangers were allowed to comment on my weight and I just had to smile and say “thank you.”

Am I on my own here, or does anyone else get picked on for being thin?

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