A story about trainers and sibling love

Posted Friday 15th February 2013   By Ericka Waller

So Charles Clinkard got in contact with me and asked me if I would like to enter their competition to win a pair of Child’s DC shoes.

All I needed to do was describe the pair which best fits my child’s personality.

Instead I am going to tell you about the day I got my first ever pair of DC trainers. I was 15 years old. My brother and his friends were very into skateboarding. I was very into my brother’s friends. One day, they decided to go to Harrow to a skate park. I tagged along. Within the skate park was a shop. In this shop was the nicest pair of DC trainers I had ever seen. They were a thing of beauty. I fell instantly in love.

There was just one small problem.  They were £25 and I had £4.73

I left the shop with a broken heart. “What’s wrong” my brother asked me. I told him about the shoes of beauty, and how I had no money. “Oh well, never mind” he said and carried on doing front-slide nollies.

I sat on the floor and sulked.

Later, as we were waiting for the train, my brother said he had forgotten something and raced off. He came back with a bag that he thrust into my hands. Inside it were the trainers of beauty, which I knew would have cost him his weeks wages.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved my brother more than I did in that moment.

Alas, the happy story does not end there. I was so taken by the beauty of the trainers; I failed to notice that they were a size too small for me. Desperate for my brother never to know, I winced and minced my way home in them. They never did stretch enough to be comfortable, but I sure did look cool.

I am one of those horribly selfish mums who dresses her children in clothes I would wear myself. My princesses therefore stomp round in chunky-trainers, skinny jeans and t-shirts with cartoon characters on them.

With that in mind, and the heart-wrenching story above, I think that these trainers  deserve a place in our house. I think, in fact, that THREE pairs of them deserve a place in our house – and, do they do an adult’s version? I still owe my brother a pair.

If you would like to enter the competition, you can view the shoes here. Alternatively you can visit Charles Clinkard’s Facebook or G+ page and post the link in the comments box of the ‘DC Competition’ album, as well as entering on Twitter, by tweeting @CharlesClinkard with a link to the pair that suits your child’s personality. They will accept more than one entry per person, to a maximum of 4 (one from each method of entry). Full T’s & C’s will shortly be on their Facebook page.