Do you think I'm sexy, I mean funny?

Posted Monday 18th March 2013   By Ericka Waller

So I got shortlisted for THREE Brilliance in Blogging awards (Bibs) Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me.

Now I want to win!

Now you know I would never call myself brilliant at anything, except maybe going into far too much detail about my piles, ski-slope breasts, camel-testicles tummy, or poor parenting.

But I really want to win the award for being a funny blogger, because I try to make parenting funny, and I try to make you lovely followers find it funny too.  I’ve learned if I take it too seriously bald patches appear on my head.

So I look for the lighter bits. The Malteaser bits of motherhood if you will.  I could have lost it that day Thing-two did a poo on the floor of the posh café, but I didn’t. I just said “Oh look, you’ve dropped your croissant HO HO HO”, scooped it up in a napkin, and got back on with my lunch. (Then cried about it later and threw away my handbag.)

And when my nocturnal children keep my up all night, I don’t lose my cool. I just add to my list of hilarious things I will do to get them back one day.

So yes, I put my middle-child in the garden at 2am sometimes (it worked for Fred Flinstone) and sometimes I tell them all hideous lies. It’s true what you heard in the playground, I do let my baby gnaw on a lamb-bone at nighttime, but it’s only because I love them.

And I would love to be able to tell them that they won an award for making me and you laugh our way through this parenting lark. Trust me, they deserve it.

How to vote for me

1: Click on the link to the awards shortlist:

2: Halfway down the page is a link which says Vote for the 2013 BiBs now!

3: Click on that link and then tick my box in Funny, Family and Lifestyle

Hug and kiss yourself from me