Family happiness

Posted Sunday 5th May 2013   By Ericka Waller

Family happiness is the children playing Going On A Bear Hunt round the kitchen table while we sit eating homemade blueberry muffins and drinking pots of tea.

Sunday paper reading interrupted by joyous squeals of “We’re not SCARED!”
Chubby hands on our bare legs as they crawl under our chairs giggling.
More tea, another muffin.
The sound of my scratchy pen writing in the answer for 5 down, while James reads sections from the paper aloud and we laugh. 
“What’s so funny mummy?”
“You are my darlings.”
“Mummy, where’s daddy gone?” and
“Uh oh, what's that? One shiny wet nose! Two big furry ears! Two big goggly eyes! It's a bear!” Delighted, excited, noisy, tickling-giggling Sunday silliness.
A pile of arms and legs and wet kisses.
A puddle of love.
A moment in time.
The stuff of dreams.

This post is written for the Limetree moments for life competition.