The truth about chicken pox

Posted Wednesday 22nd May 2013   By Ericka Waller

So Thing-two has chickenpox, or chicken ‘pops’ as she likes to call them. I’m not going to lie. Having her off nursery has been very ‘challenging’. I thought having chicken-pops meant she would sleep lots and want lovely cuddles, maybe whilst watching the Wizard of Oz or Grand Designs. But this is Thing-two we are talking about, so of course that did not happen.

If anything, her chicken-pops have given her more energy and cunning than before. She has a remarkable talent for not letting me sit down. Even if, before I attempt to do so, I ask her

“Would you like a drink? Snack? Wee? Poo? Jigsaw? Playdoh? Crayons? Magic cream? Book?“
“No mamma”
“You sure?”
“Yes mamma”
“I am going to sit down now and drink this tea then okay treacle?”
“Yes mamma.”
(Sits. Takes gulp of tea. Makes the ‘ahhh’ noise that us British have to make after taking first sip of tea.)

“Mamma, can I have a cup of tea too?”

Yesterday she wanted me to put a plaster on her chicken-pops. All 32 of them. I did not have a single plaster. I had to give her a tic-tac for each of them instead, just to silence her.

Last night she woke me up at 2.45am and told me to count them with her.

This morning she proudly showed the doctor the infected one on her lip, then tried to kiss him.

This afternoon she drew giant red chicken-pops all over Thing-three when I was not looking, then laughed when I started sobbing.

Thing-three has not had them yet, nor has Thing-one, but everyone keeps telling me ‘They soon will!’

What is wrong with people? Why do they like to hypothesize such awful scenarios? I can’t stand doom-mongers. I remember proudly telling someone when Thing-one had taken her first steps and them replying “She’ll keep you on your toes now!”

Personally, I found the year I had already spent carrying her about (cried if put down), rocking her (only way to get her to sleep) and getting out of bed to go and see her (when woke up and realised was no longer being rocked) already included lots of ‘being on my toes’.

But hey, what do I know? I am just a fool who had lots of kids close together.

At least Thing-two is not bothered by her spots. Instead, she seems rather proud of them. She keeps standing naked before the mirror, to admire them.

But then on Sunday we took her to the car boot sale, and gave her a pound to buy whatever she wanted, and this is what she chose….

dolly1 The truth about chickenpox

Should I be worried? Is this how she sees herself?

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