Thank you

Posted Monday 24th June 2013   By Ericka Waller

Last night I dreamed I was back at the Britmums Award Ceremony, waiting for the judge to call out the winners. My hands were sweating and my knees were jiggling, upsetting the glasses of champagne on the table.

Finally I heard "And the winner of the best family blogger category is" and then I stood up and started walking towards the stage like a zombie.

I had no control over my feet. My knees bumped into chairs as I walked to the front of the room. I looked out at the swarm of confused faces before me... and then realised I was naked, and that someone else was up there too. And she was holding the award and smiling...

Then I woke up.

And saw this on my bedside table:

Either I stole it from the true winner, or the true winner was me.

I had to sit down for a long time and pinch myself.

Mum In The South started as secret word documents on my lap top that I was too nervous to let anyone read. It was only after reading my fellow mum bloggers that I gained the confidence to get hosting, join Twitter and press 'publish'.

Hearing my little blog get called out as an award winner was the proudest moment of my life (except for when I had the kids of course ,or got married, or finally passed my driving test after ten failed attempts).

It's crazy that I sit here behind my screen remotely, and yet I ended up touching you somehow. The power of words. The companionship of a community. The brilliance of blogging.

We can share anything, us bloggers. The joys of a first smile. The trauma of labour. The agony of loss. The frustrations of toddlers. A great recipe, constipation, a cute photo, a rant, a review, a kind comment, hairy nipples.

How bloody great is that?

I don't remember what I said in my speech, but I know I forgot to thank all of you who read my blog and voted for me.

I'll never forget the privilege of being asked to read out one of my posts at the keynote conference before honouring Multiple Mummy and Matilda Mae.

Thank you. I'm a very grateful grapefruit.