What's in a hug?

Posted Monday 10th June 2013   By Ericka Waller

Thing-three loves a cuddle. Her first word was 'tuddle tuddle tuddle'. She wants to do it all the time. If I am too busy or too far away, she hugs my furry slippers instead.

They are very soft and fluffy. Now nothing but me or them will do. Well that's not entirely true. The childminder's cat passes her fluffy standards, but alas, is petrified of her.

We are always on the look-out for a replacement to my slippers. Everywhere we go, car boot sales, shops, garden centres, we pass her every fluff item we see.

They all get dropped in disgust.

So when A little bird told me emailed me and asked if I knew a child who would be happy to review an amazing "hug toy" I felt it was an opportunity too good to miss.

Below is a play by play account of what happened

Toy arrives. Seems a nice chap. I think it looks soft, but what do I know?
I pass 'Mamma bear hug toy' to Thing-three. She eyes it with suspicion, while behind her Thing-two has a wally fit because she did not get one too.
Thing-two goes in for the hug...
Oh my word! It's passed the test!

I can therefore go ahead and recommend it as a soft toy for babies and toddlers. You can buy it from the lovely A little bird told me.

And now I get these back: