Hey teacher - leave my kid alone...

Posted Friday 20th September 2013   By Ericka Waller

Poor Thing-one. She has just spent six weeks in the wilderness of no routine, uniform, bedtime or bother. And now she is back at school. And it's all changed.

This summer she made a fairy-land in the garden. She decorated our giant olive tree with shells, whispering her secrets into each one as she did so.

She filled her bug collector with woodlice and named them after her fingers and toes.

She sat up at night drawing the pattern of the stars.

For six weeks she picked her own clothes, ate lunch in her camp in the garden, and played with pebbles under her cover with a torch.

Now she dresses in grey and her life is split into regimented segments of maths and reading.

Give my girl a pencil and a blank page and she will create you a universe. She will take your breath away with her beautiful, simplistic portrayal of life as she sees it.

Give her a a timetable full of maths and reading and she falters. Not because she can't do it, but because she does not want to.

And why would she?

Year 1 is squeezing the childhood juice out my girl.

This morning I had to call her down from the playroom, where her Peter Pan was just about to land on her sister's Neverland castle, and make her do her homework.

"But why mummy?" she asked me. "I do all this at school already. I just want to play."

What do I tell her. That it's time to conform? Time to grow up?

Her teacher seems to think so. She put her on 'amber' twice this week for being silly on the rug. I assume by 'being silly' she meant 'being five'. 

And if you can't be silly on a rug when you are five...