TV is not for me

Posted Tuesday 10th September 2013   By Ericka Waller

So the Alan Titchmarsh show got in contact with me. They are doing a segment about baby weight in light of Kate Middleton stepping out looking rather light herself so soon after having baby George.

I thought, having read my blogs, that they wanted me to discuss how I felt about the pressure on mums to lose their baby weight and go back to looking 'perfect' as soon as possible.

I've battled to get my head around my tummy (not physically, that would be impossible. I could perhaps pull my loose tummy skin up over my head, but I digress).

I am finally OK with my camel-testicles.

They show I'm a mum, and I am proud of being a mum.

I am proud of my body for what it produced.

Yes I have skin that looks like porridge.

But I also have these....

And this gorgeous man loves me..... 

So I do not hide in the cubicles when I go swimming, and I did wear a bikini by the pool on my holibobs.

And if the Alan Titchmarsh show was going to be an opportunity for me to show my scars and stripes in a positive light - then I would have been in there like my skimpy swimwear.

But it was not.

They wanted me to wear a robe, which I would then remove, so doctors and plastic surgeons could see my Diastasis Recti and my umbilical hernia, then draw all over me and show how much better I would look after a tummy tuck.

I might as well go on 'How to look good naked'

I wanted to make the points that:

1: Kate Middleton's washing line probably looks like this...

2: Why is it bad to look like you have had children, when you have had children?

3: If you look at your wobbly tummy upside down, it looks rather like a heart... maybe it's a message to love ourselves?