Beside the seaside

Posted Wednesday 27th November 2013   By Ericka Waller

An ode to my beach

If you cannot find me
And you fancy a cup of tea
I'll be down at the beach
Taking photos of the sea

I can never seem to capture
It's ebb and flow and sway
Sometimes the sky is blue
And sometimes it is grey

It makes the air taste different
It makes the waves change shape
But I can never seem to prove it
With the pictures that I take

My feet get wet in the morning mist
My sleeves dunk in the sea
But I'm too lost to notice
In all the crunchy pebble-y

I snap and look and snap and look
I sit on rocks and stare
While the wind whips at seaweed
And my un-brushed morning hair

The dog chases seagulls
As I sit and play with stones
I look for ones with holes in
To pocket and take home

I'd love to have a gallery
Of my photos of the sea
So people who don't live near one
Can share mine with me