Signs your child is on the mend

Posted Monday 18th November 2013   By Ericka Waller

My children love to embarrass me. I have often rushed them off to A&E overheated and sobbing, only for the painkillers to kick in en route. By the time we are seen they are running about the consultation room stealing rubber gloves and playing at being a chicken.

They all caught chickenpox this year. That was pretty hard on them. Thing-three struggled the most. Her spots got infected and she was irritated and tired. I thought she would never get better, but after a few days she began tipping every single toy she owned onto the floor and making a tower with the storage boxes. I knew she was on the mend.

Thing-three recently went to A&E because she cut her leg on glass. Originally she claimed she would not be able to walk for “one hundred years” but then we offered her a trip down the beach to look in rock pools. Her limp had gone before she got down the drive to the car.

They often want plasters on miniscule cuts which is pretty annoying. Until I tell them that if they want to wear a plaster they will also have to stay in bed so it does not come off. Then they change their minds.

I’ll never forget the year Thing-one woke up on her birthday (Christmas eve) with croup. She was poorly. She was tired. I was tired. I’d been up all night carefully constructing her toy wooden kitchen, then blowing up balloons. She got up, kicked a balloon out the way, pointed at the kitchen and said “don’t like it” then fell asleep on the sofa for the rest of the day.

She woke up at 11pm and asked for a cup of tea. I sighed with relief and knew she was going to be okay.

Just yesterday Thing-Two came to me looking a bit dicky. “You okay?” I asked her, just in time for her to upchuck into my lap. “Yes” she said, then ran off up the garden to jump on the trampoline. I think it might have been the blue crayon I found in it, but who knows.

All I know is that…

  • When I can hear the shrieks of someone having their hair pulled
  • There are crumbs on the playroom floor and the dog’s Bonio’s are missing
  • A makeshift camp has been constructed under the dining table with all the clean washing
  • There are pleas for ice-lollies no matter the weather

….my children are going to make it through.