How to do business

Posted Saturday 25th January 2014   By Ericka Waller

I was not sure about getting business cards printed. It felt like I was taking myself a bit too seriously. I am after all, just a housewife who waffles on to anyone who will listen; but I am forever graffiti-ing 'Mum in the South' on napkins and sweet wrappers so people I meet can read my stuff.

When Dean Williams from Print Print got in touch, and offered to print me 500 business cards free of charge, if I would write an honest review, it felt like a sign.

Now you know, I rarely do reviews. But I decided I did want some business cards, and so did my friend.

"No problem. I'll do her 500 free of charge too."
"What a nice man you are Dean."
"Just doing my job."

But he did not just do his job.

He did more. I was, as you can imagine, a pain in the arse about my business cards. I wanted a million changes and logos for print found and re-sized and then I was not sure about borders and fonts and colours, or using logos at all.

Then I was not sure about background colours and photos to use. At one point I almost aborted the mission all together, the pressure was so much.

Dean never moaned once. I mentioned this to my husband, hoping I could get Dean a deal printing his company business cards. Instead the husband said "If I hear the name Dean, or how helpful Dean is once more I'll mess up your display of vintage lego."

Never let it be said I don't know when to shut up.

The cards were delivered within days of being printed.

I am very pleased indeed with them, and indeed with Dean.

I find myself offering my shiny, digitally printed cards to people for no real reason, much like when you have a new watch and keep asking if people need to know the time.

The husband cringes slightly when he sees me handing them to the (bemused) postman or Ocado delivery man, but who else do I have to give them to?

I've 500 hundred on my hip and I am, after all, just a stay-at-home wife who waffles on to anyone who will listen.