Should mums bother with fashion?

Posted Wednesday 19th February 2014   By Ericka Waller

Now don’t get me wrong. I stopped trying to keep up with fashion when it involved wearing denim hot-pants over thick black tights, teamed with a silk waistcoat (and perm). That said, I don’t like to be a complete no-mark when it comes to my wardrobe.

My friend Cat calls me a ‘Greebo’. I don’t know what it means, but it makes me think of words like grubby, and Greenpeace, and clueless.
I would describe myself as a ‘trainers and T-shirt kinda girl’. Practical, yet, dare I say, stylish? My jeans are skinny. I own a t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. It cost so much I never wear it however.

I don’t feel comfortable in anything snazzier than this, and I don’t like it when mums put a lot of effort into looking sexy or stylish. It puts the rest of us, who only manage to wash once a week, to great shame.

Even before becoming a mum, I was a bit shy about trying to be trendy. My pin-head and flat chest meant that if I wore lipstick and a necklace I looked like I had raided a dressing-up box. I still do, on the rare occasions I make an effort.

I dread the day my daughters get into hair and make-up and decide to give me a makeover. I know it’s inevitable. There are three of them and one of me. They are going to read Heat Magazine and then charge at me with tweezers and neon-coloured eyeliner. Then they will expect gratitude.

I suppose a tiny part of me would love to bump into Gok one day in Topshop, and for him to be all “Girlfriend, you’ve got a body to die for but your clothes are all wrong. I’m going to give you a right old Gok-over.” (Cue finger snap, head-shaking, lip pouting. From Gok, not me.)

So, in a bid to see what was going on in the dizzying world of fashion, I bought Grazia this week. Apparently, tight, thigh-length skirts, showing a hint of midriff are all the rage… Kim Kardashian was rocking the look.

I thought ‘Well, if she can do it’ so can I’. Here are the results…

I think I will stick to being a Greebo