About my book.. and how you can help

Posted Monday 13th October 2014   By Ericka Waller

So I’ve written a book. It’s something I have always been wanted to do. I finished it about 18 months ago. I had no idea at the time I was writing, that some of it would become true. I actually find it too hard to read back these days. I feel such a bloody fool.

Sometimes I wake after a bad dream, then realise I was never asleep at all. Life really is a nightmare, and I want to call my best friend and tell him what a crap time I am having, but then I remember that he was the one who hurt me.

I can’t change any of this. I cannot rewind time, I cannot undo mistakes. All I can do is get up each day, find strength in pain, and keep trying to be the best mum I can be. To do that I need to be the best person I can be. Achieving my goals will show my daughters that they can achieve theirs.

All I ever wanted to do was write. My happiest childhood memories are sitting on my fluffy ladybird footstool, drinking tea, lost in Anne of Green Gables or Goodnight Mr Tom. When I did not like the ending of a book, I’d rewrite it and glue it in the back.

All these years later I still eat books and in my head I’m always composing lyrics I’m too shy to write down. Me, shy. Yes. I’ll tell you what I named my piles, but I keep my poetry private.

I want to walk my children into a book shop and say “See that book there? I wrote that. I wrote it for you”. I want them to grow up and read about themselves and see how much I adore being their mum. I want them to know they are my everything. They save me every single day.

Here’s the promo video for the book (massive love to my brother for his help). As I type this I need 96 more copies to be pre-ordered to get the publishing deal. You can read the first chapter and pre-order your copy here. I have also created a Facebook page, where I give out sneaky exerts of the book and keep people up-to-date on what is happening. There are some giveaways and prizes to be won, so check it out.

A quick summary

Peta has three children under five, a job she hates and a tummy that looks like Jabba-The-Hut. Her (quirky) daughter has just started school and it’s not going very well. Her husband comes home less and less since employing his young blonde secretary and the only person she wants to talk about it all with is no longer around to hear her.

She tries to keep up with a village full of perfect mothers and happy marriages but quietly her chaotic world is falling apart by the second. Can she save it and herself in time?