December 2014 Archive

How I picked my children's names

Posted Tuesday 9th December 2014   By Ericka Waller

So this time seven years ago, I was almost due to give birth to my first child. I had no idea what I was having. I assumed a boy, based on the fact that my husband was one and he was bigger than me. (This made perfect sense at the time.) I had a girl. A big 9lb girl, at 6am on Christmas Eve. I had planned to call my boy Joe-Louis. It no longer seemed right, not having had one and all. “Eve?” I mused to the husband, who was asleep from the exertion of watching me give birth. (Him: “You made it look knackering.” Me: “Because it was”). He snored his veto loudly back at my name suggestion. I agreed. It was too cliche. Too naff.

How do you deal with no sleep?

Posted Tuesday 9th December 2014   By Ericka Waller

So I don’t get much sleep. When I say much, I mean hardly any. My bedtimes problems start at 5pm, when Thing-two starts asking me if she can sleep in my bed. The other two join in. By 6.30pm, we are all sniffling. They end up in my bed. We wrestle for covers, and space for our feet. They rise up and down in Mexican waves, wanting a sip of drink, or a cushion, or a cuddle. I rise up and down with them, dreaming of snoring in a star shape with no hardback books under my pillow. Sometimes I don’t even get a pillow. Often I wake and my head is resting on the bedside table.

I'm glad I am a mum of girls

Posted Tuesday 9th December 2014   By Ericka Waller

So I always wanted to have boys. Growing up with two big brothers, I was not a girly-girl. How could I be when I had to wear their old clothes (y-fronts included) and being pinned down and farted on was one of the better games we played? I never longed for a sister. Mickey was always willing to dress up as a girl and do double skipping with me if I had a pang for being frilly. Mostly I was happy to put maggots under my tongue when we went fishing and build dens in the wood. I gave it my best when we went down dips on our BMX’s. Mum and dad have the ubiquitous school photo of me with a scab on my nose from going over the handle-bars the week before.