I'm glad I am a mum of girls

Posted Tuesday 9th December 2014   By Ericka Waller

So I always wanted to have boys. Growing up with two big brothers, I was not a girly-girl. How could I be when I had to wear their old clothes (y-fronts included) and being pinned down and farted on was one of the better games we played? I never longed for a sister. Mickey was always willing to dress up as a girl and do double skipping with me if I had a pang for being frilly. Mostly I was happy to put maggots under my tongue when we went fishing and build dens in the wood. I gave it my best when we went down dips on our BMX’s. Mum and dad have the ubiquitous school photo of me with a scab on my nose from going over the handle-bars the week before.

My brothers called me fatty, and forced me to watch Steven King films. They locked me in the heating shed. They told all their ugly mates I really fancied them. They put ketchup on my tampons and and ran round with them screaming “FANNY RAGS” in great delight when one of their mates I actually fancied came over.

I would not have had it any other way.

When I had my first daughter I felt alarmed. I did not know how to raise a girl.

But a baby is just a baby. Small, sweet and pretty gender neutral. As she started to grow, I waited for Thing-one to start demanding princesses and ponies, but she didn’t. She liked Fireman Sam, worms and wellies. She had a wicked giggle.

Now she is almost seven and loves drawing, jumping and making up worlds in her head. She wears DC high-tops but teams them with a cardigan. She snorts when boys are naughty and lets me wobble her tooth. Her favourite memories involve mud. She can’t say the word plopper without that wicked giggle.

She is perfect, so are her sisters. Thing-two’s favourite game is taking the dog for a walk then sharing his Winalot shapes: “One for Buddy, two for me.”

Thing-three loves to swap roles with me. I have to be her and lie in the dog basket while she runs round chatting on the phone and climbing onto the kitchen side to eat biscuits.

We get our toys from car boot sales. Jam jars, rocks, shells and stones, which they wrap in tin foil and make concoctions out of. The front garden looks like a scene from Breaking Bad.

We watch Famous Five and Scooby Doo episodes (pre-Scrappy days). They do not know who One Direction are, but they know all the words to ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ by the Ramones.

Do I wonder what it would have been like to have a boy? Sometimes. But mostly I just feel ridiculously lucky to have three strong, individual girls who I can raise to be whatever and whoever they like.

Here are some photos of our life