My story.. how I got published

Posted Tuesday 20th January 2015   By Ericka Waller

After winning the 2013 BiB award for best family blogger, I met Amanda Preston from LBA in an Agent session and told her about Confessions of a Mother Inferior. She read the first three chapters and encouraged me to keep writing.

I finished the first draft, but she did not feel it was ready. I sent it to  Cornerstones Literary Consultants who, for a large fee, did an MOT. There was encouraging talk of Three Hares publishing, which partner with Cornerstones taking the book on after the MOT, but sadly they also passed in the end.

I was feeling pretty crap. I’d had two ‘thanks but no thanks’ after such promising starts, spent money I did not have and ignored my family for a year.

I sat in the bath re-reading the rejections, the book did not have a complicated enough plot, the main character was too hard to relate to.

I was all for burning the book like the band KLF, who set fire to a million pounds of their own money live on stage. My dreams seemed to have gone up in smoke anyway.

Aside from the book failing, my personal life was falling apart. My husband and I separated. I become a single mum. There were hideous similarities between my life and the fictional life I’d written about.

I confess I began to hate Confessions of A Mother Inferior.

My friend Anya author of Older Single Mum blog invited me to be a butterfly at BritMums 2014 where I met Murielle from Britain’s Next Best Seller.

She told me to submit my manuscript. I was hesitant, heartbroken and exhausted. She persisted, I caved. They loved it and offered me a chance to get published.

I uploaded the book onto the BNBS site, made a promo video on PowerPoint, and paid $5 for a book cover using a photo I bought off iStock.

confessions of a mother inferior

I had six weeks to get 250 pre orders of the book, which at £7.99 was not cheap.

I set up a facebook page and posted excerpts. I worked like a dog. My marriage was in tatters and my kids never slept. They sat up late watching Little Princess on Netflix while I plugged away to become a phoenix and rise from the ashes.

I watched the 250th pre-order come in alone on a Saturday night. It did not seem real. It still does not.

My book is published.

I won’t lie. It was not easy. I often felt a fool for giving Confessions so much time when it seemed to get me nowhere, but I believed in my book and I’ve never been one to give up easily. My husband and I are now working on the launch party. My kids still don’t sleep.

book published

Information about the book and a promotional video is on the BNBS website. You can also read the first chapter, which hopefully you will like enough to want to pre-order the book.

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I am a stay-at-home mum to three small children. My blog, Mum in the Southdescribes my life as a mother/occasional person in her own right. I write so my children can read about themselves when they are older, as I may still be too traumatised to talk about it. Once, BC (Before children, not Christ) I worked in PR and journalism.  Confessions of a Mother inferior is my first book. Winner of the 2013 BiB for best Family Blogger. Babycentre blogger. @Erickawaller1 Facebook