My relaxing half term

Posted Friday 20th February 2015   By Ericka Waller

So it’s half term. It’s not been as relaxing as I hoped it might be. Monday morning did not start with dragging children out from under covers (“Mummy, why do you make me go to bed when I am not tired, and wake me up when I am?”). It started with the sentence “Mum, she’s got poo on her foot, and the stairs, oh, and your vintage footstool.” Two hours of poo hunting later, I think I’d have preferred the school run.

Tuesday started off a bit better, no alarms and no poo either. We were just about to embark on breakfast when Thing-one started itching her head, hard. As she took her hand away, three giant black things with many legs dived off it into her Cheerios. “URGH!! You’ve got nits!” squealed the other two in delight.

I spent the morning consoling my sobbing seven year old (from a too-far-for-a-nit-to-jump distance) while her sisters named them all, “Poo-head, the nit!” (cue hysterical laughter from them, followed by histrionics from Thing-One).

“I promise I won’t tell which one of us has them” I cajoled her outside the chemist. Turns out I didn’t need to, she was the one itching like mad. I was pretty mad myself at the cost of headlice treatment.

While we were out I thought I might as well take them to the sea for a bit, blow away the um, nits. Thing-three fell in a rock pool within three seconds of being on the beach and wanted to go home. The other two were getting on for the first time in four days and refused to leave, meanwhile the dog did wet splatty poos on the no-dogs-allowed beach.

I lured them home with lollies, and the promise of going to the cinema. Shaun The Sheep is marvellous, I highly recommend it. I don’t recommend taking my middle daughter with you however. High on pick n’ mix, she spent two hours rolling down the slope into the cinema and then running up and down the aisles, teeth chattering from jumbo sour cola-bottles.

Thing-three did her usual and fell asleep within three seconds of the film starting. She woke up at the end, ready to cause chaos at Jimmy’s Diner, where various stations serve  “foods of the world”. Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Dim Sum, Thai, Sushi. My girls picked chicken nuggets and chips then spent a long time at the dessert station holding marshmallows under the chocolate fountain, then one another’s heads, including Nitty Nora’s.

I’d probably skip the chocolate fountain for a couple of days.

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