The best easter break ever

Posted Wednesday 29th April 2015   By Ericka Waller

So the holidays are over. It’s taken seven years of being a parent, but I can honestly say, for the first time, that I was gutted to pack my gang back off to school. My genius children have finally embraced the art of loafing about. It was wonderful to see. Limbs spread lazily over the sofa, mouths gaped wide open as they lay, engrossed in Thundercats, a half eaten brioche dangling from their pudgy fingers… the dog stalking each movement. This has never ever happened before.

Oh we had a wonderful time. We lay in bed till 9.30am drinking tea, and discussing the merits of talking unicorns. We sat round the breakfast table chomping on fingers of toast (the dog stalking each movement).

Normally by 10am we’d have been to the beach, the shops, done various drawings, baked a cake and had three rounds on the ‘time out rug’, but this time they were tired. They did not want to do those things. When I asked them what they wanted to do they said “Nothing” and “Watch TV “. I’ve never felt more proud of them.

We did do some stuff obviously. We stayed with my brother for a couple of days and visited the stuffed animal museum. Last Easter, we lasted seven minutes before having to leave (Thing-three tried to smash the glass and free the dalmatian while Thing-two did a poo near the lions). This year we sat with clipboards and drew pictures together. Other mums smiled at me as they walked past my little Picassos. My head swam with achievement.

We went shopping to LIDL and no one cried, not even me. We survived a two hour church service followed by an Easter egg hunt in the church cottage. The eggs were well hidden, and there were not many to go round. It all turned a bit Hunger Games-esque by the end.

An adorable little lad with white blonde hair was running too fast in his brown leather sandals. His lovingly decorated wicker basket, choc-a-bloc full of choc-choc flew from his chubby fingered grasp. Over his screams of dismay a voice that was not my own ordered “Quick, grab all his eggs before he gets up.” Thing-three is turning into a remarkably resourceful and quick thinking lady. She will go far.

Obviously after all that running round we had to go back home and lie in bed with the blinds down for an hour.

I’ve always felt guilty about my jaunty side step dances down the school lane when half terms are over. It was great to finally feel sad and sombre as I said goodbye to my girls and trudged home to loaf alone.

Here’s a look at our Easter break: