Why retro toys rule

Posted Wednesday 29th April 2015   By Ericka Waller

So having three girls, I think it’s very important to not make them too ‘girly’. I don’t want three princesses, and I bloody hate pink. Apart from Frozen, which I am sure is full of subliminal messages to make everyone obsessed with it, they don’t do ‘and they lived happily ever after’ stuff. They prefer to be outside making camps, muddy potions and lots of mess.

When it comes to toys, they all like different things. Thing-one is a dreamer. She will play with figures, rocks and beads for hours, muttering stories under her breath, not quite on this planet. Thing-two likes a good old fashioned baby to put a nappy on, drag down the stairs, and push in a buggy. Thing-three loves toy dogs, ideally a Dalmatian, but any dog will do.

I love anything vintage, so I get most of their toys on Ebay. It’s brilliant. I get them all the stuff I wanted but never had when I was a kid. I even let them play with some it. I followed hot on the heels of my two older brothers:
Mum: “Never use a diaphragm, that’s how you snuck in.”
Me: “Again, sorry.”

I had to make do with Big Trek, WWF characters and Matchbox cars.

My dad bought me a Girls World Head one year, but my brother (John) got hold of her, hacked off all her hair, painted her face with red nail varnish (think Carrie) and left a note for me next to it which read “You’re next”.

I was only allowed to watch Thundercats, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, and Nightmare (awful show where a kid wears a helmet so he can’t see and all his friends tell him where to walk). I longed for Care Bears, Fraggle Rock, Gummi Bears, and The girl from Tomorrow. I did not stand a chance. I had Rainbow Brite wallpaper, duvet set and toys but was never allowed to watch the actual programme. My brothers were kings of the remote control.

And now I am the boss of what the girls watch and play with, for a short time anyway, and retro stuff rules. It’s better quality, better colours, and better everything. How does it ever get better than the Big Yellow Teapot? And the programmes are better too. I challenge you not to snigger at Roadrunner, or Cyril Sneer and the Racoons. Catweazle rocked my world. I could go on but I’ve excited myself too much, I need to go and watch Super Ted to calm down.

Here are some of our family vintage favourites: