Who am I?

Posted Friday 8th May 2015   By Ericka Waller

So my blog, Mum In The South, was born shortly after my third daughter. I wrote about being 'a wife, mum-of three and occasional person in her own right.' I'm proud to say I won the Brilliance in Blogging award for best family blogger 2013. I'm incredibly sad to say my marriage broke down the year after however. I don't think the two are connected, but you never know...

I don't really like to read my old blogs. They are so 'Famous Five' , so fictitious, though I was the last to know.

So now my blog is about being a single mum to three daughters, coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis and a broken heart. It's not as miserable a read as it sounds. I've lost a lot, but I'm still pretty funny. (I hope, if I lose my sense of humour I really am fecked).

Single parenting is a lonely business. It's funny what one misses. It does not hurt me to sleep on 'his' side of the bed, but seeing our bikes tangled together in the garage can reduce me to tears.

I am on a journey with no map. Some days it's simply about keeping my head down and other days I would not change my 'new life' for anything.

I used to blog so my girls could read about themselves when they were older. Now I blog so that they might also read about me, who I was. Who knows who I'll be when they are grown up. I hope I'll never lose my spark, but I've learned how empty promises are.

So anyway if you like honest, funny, truthful parenting stories, photos of a wrinkled saggy tummy, and food that won't make it any less pudgy, look no further. If you really like my writing, you could buy my book, Confessions of a Mother Inferior.

And if you like the sound of me, come say hi at Britmums this year. I'll be a Greeter on the door for anyone, old or new needs a welcome hug or to know where the loos are. I'll be hanging with Anya (Older Single Mum).

I'm shortlisted for another BIB this year, as best writer. I can only dream of winning, but to know my blog, which has been incredibly hard to keep going the last year has made it to the shortlist, means an awful lot to me.

Single parents alone together (think About A Boy)

Over and out.


PS: Five things about me

1: I love vintage retro crochet, and I collect old Bluebird toys, which are for looking at only
2: I make a mean crumble
3: Hanging washing on the line makes me feel more womanly than wearing high heels
4: I read the book first, and watch the film second
5: I do the school run in Crocs and refuse to believe the holes are for my dignity to leak out