March 2016 Archive

Do infants need teaching about gender issues? - Argus Friday 18th March 2016

Posted Monday 21st March 2016   By Ericka Waller

A school in Sussex is planning a transgender awareness day, for children as young as four. Some parents are so disgusted they are refusing to let their kids attend the event. Headteacher, Emma Maltby has defended her diverse decision, saying "It is important to raise gender issues.. which will help children to become responsible independent people able to respect others. I was not told that I might be androgynous, pangender, agender, thirdgender or bigender when I was four, and I still somehow came out independent and respectful, of those who deserve it of course. Some of these terms have been created for women who wear trousers and men who wear earrings. My daughter struggles to differentiate between needing a wee or a poo, lord knows how she would interpret the above.

How can one live normally among such crime - Argus Friday 11th March 2016

Posted Friday 18th March 2016   By Ericka Waller

There is so much crime, violence and bad news in the papers this week I don’t quite know where to start. The homeless man who had the cardboard he was sleeping on set alight? The Voodoo sex trafficker, Lizzy Idahosa, who used black magic to force women to work as vice girls in a Brighton brothel? The woman who was raped in the middle of the day by Churchill Square as people walked past? It’s a scary thought, that I jostle shoulders with people like this when I go into town. While I dawdle outside my favourite shop windows, idly cooing over teapots , women are being beaten, homeless people are being tortured, houses are being burgled.

Chaos from the moment flakes hit the ground - Argus Friday 4th March 2016

Posted Monday 7th March 2016   By Ericka Waller

So the white stuff is coming. No doubt in the words of the chart-topping band Blue it will ‘have the city under lock-down’. And in true British spirit, our failure to prepare will no doubt prepare us to fail. I predict, as normal, that we will not grit soon enough, or thickly enough. People will risk life and limb to stock up on bread and canned goods. The word of the day will be ‘severe delays’ across all forms of public transport. Historically, Virgin trains have blamed delays on "snow that had fallen, snow that was still falling as well as ice forming on overhead power lines." Network rail’s genius excuse for ineptitude was snow having the audacity to fall after 5pm "Snow can pose a threat to the railway if it ... continues to fall outside normal working hours." Kids will be praying to wake up to a blanket of white over the lawn, and a day off ahead, while mothers desperately resort to strapping tennis rackets to their shoes in an attempt to ski them to school. Anything rather than a day of ‘I want to go outside and build a snowman’, then twenty-minutes later, 18 of which were spent bundling them into snow-suits, gloves, wellies, bobble hats and scarfs) ‘I’m cold, I want to come in’ (mitten-less glove pounding on window).

Six steps only help take you nearer the edge - Argus Friday 26th February 2016

Posted Thursday 3rd March 2016   By Ericka Waller

So, Emma Seppala, Science Director at Stanford University, has found the key to happiness. Six keys actually, which if followed, can result in 'successholism'. Now, I'm no fan is 'isms' or lables, but Stanford is one of the best Faculties in the world, full of over-achievers. They are so clever they make up words, words I can't even pronounce. I thought it might be worth reading. Here is what I found out.