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Raising daughters to be illimitable - LOTTIE DOLL REVIEW

Posted Monday 26th September 2016   By Ericka Waller

I am not very good at being a girl. I think it’s because I grew up with boys and a mum who is not very good at being a girl either. I’ve never minded this. She is amazing with horses, and gardens. She can do the Telegraph cryptic crossword and has read James Joyce’s Ulysses. I grew up lugging bales of hay and buckets of water at the stables. I grew up between the hard elbows of my big brothers. My early childhood influenced me. I don’t wear nail varnish. I hate brushing my hair. I care more about my house being clean than looking clean on the school run. I didn’t play with dolls as a kid. I made dens with my brothers and went fishing. Because of these things, when it came to wanting children, I hoped for boys. I got three girls.

Families must be so proud of selfish train pair - Argus Friday 23rd September 2016

Posted Monday 26th September 2016   By Ericka Waller

Would you give up your place on a train? Disabled 43-year-old Cat Lee posted a photo of the two men who refused to get out of her reserved seats online with the comment ‘Meet these two gentlemen. Charming fellows took seats reserved for Rach and I. As a disable passenger I stated why I needed my reserved seat. They did not budge. I’m sure their wives and mothers would be proud of them.’

Writing children off are the age of 11 is not fair - Argus Friday 16 September 2016

Posted Tuesday 20th September 2016   By Ericka Waller

SO Brighton and Hove Council are opposed to Theresa May’s proposal to reintroduce a grammar school system.+ Grammar schools are secondary schools which select children based on their ability to pass an exam, the 11 plus. The exam is designed to sort the wheat from the chaff, or in education terms, those likely to make it to university, and those that won’t. They were banned in 1998 and replaced with Comprehensive school who teach children of all abilities together with no academic entry requirements.

Militant uniform approach hardly peace and love - Argus Friday 7th September 2016

Posted Monday 12th September 2016   By Ericka Waller

SO my last child starts school on Monday. After nine years at home with children, I am finally going to be alone in the house all day. Any mothers reading this know I am torn between dancing the Can-Can at the idea of FREEDOM and crying my eyes out over baby photos and where time went.

Missing you all in Brighton - Argus Friday 31st August 2016

Posted Monday 12th September 2016   By Ericka Waller

It's odd, being away in this tiny remote village in rural France. All the shops close at 12am. Dogs sleep out in the streets, streets which cars rarely travel down. People welcome one another with kisses on both cheeks and hold hands as they ask 'Ca va?' 'Ca va BIEN!' Ladies sweep their front steps at 9am, and again before bed, chatting across the street to one another, aprons flapping in the breeze from their brooms. It's a world away from Brighton, where 'You ok?'s are slung across car windows or replaced with a bib of the horn, and you can do your weekly food shop at midnight in ASDA. Time drips away like honey here. Sat round tables in the shade, batting flies away from a three-hour lunch. The sun here is an Octopus, long tendrils spread out across the sky, throwing light into hidden crevasses till late in the day. Here is as yellow as Emerald City is green.

Good manners and a question of queuing - Argus Friday 26th August 2016

Posted Monday 12th September 2016   By Ericka Waller

SO we are finally in France, after almost missing the flight ( I was in the Airport bookshop, choosing books my children will never leave me in peace to read). Luckily we did not have the Easy Jet attendants who recently caused the flight to be delayed by an hour due to their squabble over a bottle of water 'they both wanted' so we arrived on time. I phoned my dad to tell him to get the kettle on, before realising we didn't have all the paperwork needed to sort out the car hire. We finally persuaded them to give us it anyway by letting our very bored children 'kick off' in the shop. We'd been driving ' on the wrong side' for about five minutes before mounting a curb and blowing out the tyre. There we were, the wrong way down a one way street, trying to put the 'get me home' emergency wheel on in 34 degree heat.