About me

Hello. I am Ericka Waller. Exhausted mum to three beautiful small children. Mum in the South describes my life as a mother/wife/occasional person in her own right. Pleased to meet you.

I live in Brighton with my husband and my messy brood. Thing-one, Thing-two and Thing-three. I take two sugars in my tea and I can tell if the milk was not put in first.

When I am not chasing my girls round with a broom I can be found locked in the bath with my Kindle, rearranging cushions or 'winning' things on ebay. At the weekend I like dragging my family round car boot sales to find 70's crochet blankets, which they all claim are itchy.

I qualified as a Journalist/Sub-Editor in April 2010, but have been writing for as long as I have been able to hold a pen.

It started off as (poor) teenage poetry and moved onto (even poorer) lyrics. 

In a different lifetime I worked in PR and Marketing, but then true love and children came along.

I blog about the daily trials and tribulations of motherhood and this happily ever after lark.
I am also blogger for babycentre, a copywriter for Breeze Marketing and teach social media and blogging skills at Brighton Journalist Works.

When I am not doing any of these things I write my book, or try to anyway.

I'm always happy to hear from people so please do drop me a line and say hello. 

All photos used on this website are my own.