Guest post from a fellow RA Warrior

Posted Wednesday 18th May 2016   By Ericka Waller

So I woke up this morning to the most amazing email from Stephen. He explained how he was also a keen sports person until RA robbed him of his energy. Like many of us, he has good days and bad days, but his RA never goes away. It's always lurking round dark corners, waiting to jump out. What I loved the most about his email, aside from his honesty, which I am honoured he shared with me (I love with people contact me and say 'you struck a chord with me' because for so long I felt so alone and had no one to talk to), was this genius poem, which he wrote and has allowed me to share with you ...

Fit as a fiddle I used to be, circuit training, running, playing football, feeling free.

The adrenalin, the rush, the pain and the gain, being a competitor, nothing else makes me feel the same.

Fast forward to now, not too many years on, the adrenalin, the rush, I can't believe it's all gone. 

The simplest of tasks which I once would complete, now seem to have me staring down the barrel of defeat.  

Unscrew a bottle top, my hands they say no, waking up in the morning, feeling like I've been hit with a heavy blow. 

Touch my toes? Not a chance, lift weights? I wish, run around a football field, the biggest thing I miss. 

Fatigued far to often and exhausted every day, it doesn't sound much when "I've got arthritis" is all I can say. 

"Arthritis? ah yes,  that must be a pain", absolutely it is, but it's pointless to explain. 

From the outside looking in there's nothing to see, but look closer, more carefully and there the inflammation will be. 

Sulphasalazine, naproxen methotrexate I've tried, a cocktail of pills to try and keep this disease on side. 

Rarely they win, at best it's a score draw, one thing for sure, the arthritis always comes back for more. 

So for now the battle goes on, determined to beat this, though I know it will never truly be gone.